The greatest love of all — A tribute to my favorite artist

She’s an icon in the music industry, no one can sing her songs the way she does.

A woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend. Her music inspires people from all walks of life, of different race, age, language.


Rest In Peace — Whitney Elizabeth Houston. May you find the greatest love in God’s hands. You’ve reached that one moment in time and now you’re free.


The Soul that keeps my soul alive

I often get annoyed at her unsolicited advice and never-ending reminders. I wondered why she didn’t seem to get tired of everything. She has the energy of a 5-year-old child and the enthusiasm of a great athlete. Yes, she’s got lots of flaws, so many to mention actually, but they’re not as many as her admirable traits.

She got married at an age no one has ever imagined being tied and have had responsibilities larger than her age by number. We often didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of different issues. In fact there are many things about her which I promised myself never to simulate. I have been striving to equal or surpass everything that I saw good in her. I was like the  better- than anyone girl who was seeing what’s wrong and right only in my own standard. Well life has a way  of waking you up in the middle of a sweet dream and making you realize that no one’s better than anyone, it’s just that we have different ways of living our lives.

I believe, there comes a point in everyone’s life when we reach the stage of wholly embracing who we are and accepting the people who have always been part of us, of the person we were and we are now. I am so blessed to have learned that I wouldn’t have this life I have now, if it wasn’t for her. Yes, I tried to avoid being like her, but now I realized that it’s an utmost honor to be like her. I am my mother’s daughter after all……and she’s the soul that keeps my soul alive.